Occupational TrainingUseful Federal Government Sites

Using words "useful" and "government" in the same phrase might seem to be a bit of an exaggeration. So we ahve come up with a rating system that might, in our opinion, help you evaluate the relative usefulness of these pages.

It's a basic 1 to 10 scale ("1" indicating "extreme usefulness in an almost divine sense" and "10" indicating "office or agency should be eliminated altogether"). We invite your comments on this matter.

Primary Sites:

These sites are the foundation of the environmental safety and health industry. They provide a vast array of resources for the user.

* Occupational Safety & Health Administration (2) * Environmental Protection Agency (7)
* Department of Transportation (7) * NIOSH (4)

Secondary Sites:

* Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (5) * National Institute of Standards & Technology (8)
* Army Industrial Hygiene Program (4) * National Institutes of Health (7)
* Bureau of Labor Statistics (4) * National Toxicity Program (3)
* Federal Emergency Management Agency (2) * National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (4)
* US Geological Survey (3) * National Transportation Safety Board (5)
* Mining Safety & Health Administration (6)

Other Government Sponsored Sites:

* FedWorld

Occupational TrainingGovernment Site Usefulness Ranking

The following ranking only applies to environmental safety and health:
1. OUTSTANDING - This siet approaches perfection in its ability to convey information to its audience. The site supplies unique information in an easy-to-follow format. The site developers are true artists of their medium.

5. AVERAGE - For whatever reason, we haven't been able to come up with a true evaluation of this site. However we have added it as a reference because we believe the site has some potential for being useful. As we use the site, we promise to come up with actual rating.

10. SAD - We can't believe our tax dollars were wasted on this site. Information derived from this site is difficult to decipher and obsolete. Site design is equally pathetic. this site reflects so poorly on the government agency who developed it, that perhaps Congress should consider eliminating the agency in the coming fiscal year.